System for protection against the effects of harsh weather

We can provide you with a system solution for weather-dependent opening and closing with the wind-rain-automatic in order to make your daylight elements even more comfortable and safe. You can hereby select between two systems.

The weather switching device for ventilation drive units can be used as a stand-alone solution for up to four ventilation groups. Due to the wind-rain sensor, the skylights are automatically closed in bad weather. You can also make individual adjustments, for example with regard to the wind speed. This system can be combined with a SHEV central control unit and can be extended at any time.

The second system is the wind-rain-automatic as components of the SMARTCONTROL-LIGHT control system. In this case, the operation is executed via the central control unit with touchscreen display. This provides you with a complete comfort package with which you can combine variousdrive units and sensors at the same time. The wind-rain-automatic records, for example, wind speed, precipitation, rainfall and outside temperature, and can accordingly initiate the opening or closing of your daylight system.

  • Two systems are available
    Increased comfort via intuitive controlling
    Relatively low installation effort
    Well suited for retrofitting
  • Weather switching device for ventilation drive units:
    Robust device for up to 4 ventilation groups
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings

Downloads for wind-rain-automatic