Dome rooflight accessories

In addition to providing natural daylight, dome rooflights often have to fulfil additional requirements to make working in the building safe and comfortable. Dome rooflights can be modified and extended with functional accessories to satisfy this requirement. Utilising insect protection can, for example, prevent flying and crawling insects or animals from entering the building. Sun protection systems ensure glare-free working and/or complete darkening. AIRLUX guarantees rain-safe louvre ventilation and good air quality irrespective of the weather conditions. Or you can also utilise the dome rooflights as a roof exit or roof entry for quick and safe access to flat roofs. No matter what your requirements might be – we have got the right accessories for you.

Product range of accessories for dome rooflights

Roller blind and shading systems

Sun protection Plissee Solar

Insect protection


Roof exit sand roof entries