JET Plissee Solar

Sun protection Plissee Solar

The ideal sun protection for rigid, fixed and ventable dome rooflights

We have developed the sun protection Plissee Solar shading system to effectively reduce the amount of light entering into your dome rooflight. It is an electric motor-driven folding or honeycomb pleated blind with profile integrated, battery-buffered drive unit including solar panel for the power supply of the rechargeable battery.

Operation is carried out via a radio remote control with the OPEN/CLOSE/STOP functions. The shading system can be utilised in ventable, fixed and rigid versions of the TOP-90, as well as in the dome rooflight glass as well as in third-party products after appropriate technical testing. The installation can therefore be carried out either at the factory or as part of a retrofit.

Your advantages: reduction in the glare factor and heat input, a rapid and simple assembly, and reduced time and effort for installation.

  • Cable-driven folding or honeycomb pleated blinds
    (slit light in pull-out direction)
  • Two fabrics can be selected:
    Folding pleat (cream white TL = approx. 40% / g-value = approx. 40%)
    Honeycomb pleat, aluminium-laminated (white TL = approx. 0% / g-value = approx. 0%)
  • Possible applications in:
    TOP-90 dome rooflights, dome rooflight glass or third-party products (after technical clarification)
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings

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