Pneumatic SHEV system for utilisation in EKS flaps

To use the single flaps in your VARIO-THERM-S, or even third-party continuous rooflights,for effective smoke exhaust, we offer the VARIO-FIREJET® 65J. This robust and tried and tested SHEV opener device system guarantees maximum safety in the event of fire as a CO2 SHEV by extracting the toxic smoke gases.

The SHEV device can be chosen with either the OPEN or OPEN/CLOSE function. Moreover, the system can be utilised with appropriate electric drive units for natural ventilation ̶ for sufficientfresh air and a pleasant room climate.

The VARIO-FIREJET® 65J is suitable for an installation slope of 30° to 90° on industrial and commercial flat roofs. It is tested and certified according to DIN EN 12101-2 as a natural smoke and heat exhaust system.

  • SHEV opener fitting systems for VELUX Commercial single flaps in VARIO-THERM-S or third-party continuous rooflights
  • Installation slope from 30° to 90°
  • As a CO2 OPEN system or CO2 OPEN/CLOSE system
  • Available in dimensions from 103x100 cm up to 250x204 cm
  • Maximum Aa Value: 3.06 m2
  • Snow load: SL 500
  • Wind load: WL 1500
  • Maximum temperature class: T (-05)
  • Function safety: Re 50 Model A with double function or
  • Re 1000 Model B with double function
  • Thermal resistance: B300-30-E
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings