Surface Louvre for SHEV and Ventilation

The SMOKEJET® surface louvre can be used for both efficient smoke exhaust as well as for daily aeration and ventilation. It also provides maximum variability due to its installation options: flat roof, thermal roof/ISO roof, glass roof, shed glazing, wired glass or wall-mounted.

The surface louvre is suitable for ensuring sufficient air intake via the façade in SHEV systems, effective ventilation of buildings with a high internal heat load via the flat roof, and as a snow-proof and rain-proof variant for daily ventilation. Actuation is carried out via a pneumatic cylinder or a 24V motor opener – both variants comply with DIN EN 12101-2.

A rain detector can be connected, for example, as part of a range of accessories that provide increased ventilation comfort through independent closing. In all cases, the SHEV emergency control retains priority over all other functions.

Surface louvre for SHEV and Ventilation

SMOKEJET® louvred ventilator