Fall-Through protection systems for dome rooflights

Dome rooflights can be equipped with fall-through protection systems for various degrees of safety in order to reliably protect the people working on the roof against falling through daylight elements. They are already factory assembled or can be retrofitted depending on the version utilised. They additionally provide an effective protection against burglary. They are BG (German Employer´s Liability Insurance Association) tested, certified according to GS-BAU-18 (fundamental principles for testing and verifying the fall-through safety for components in construction) and fulfil the requirements of ASR (Work Safety Regulation) 2.1.


For the highest possible safety, we primarily recommend the permanent and collectively effective systems (Safety Level 2 - 5). These already provide the highest-possible safety during the superstructure construction stage and prevent operational disruptions during future roof work.

These include, for example, the LK-DDN dynamic fall-through protection net. The net construction, with its innovative and unique combination of an energy-absorbing fastening console and an objective test method, simultaneously provides a multitude of advantages as a highlight of our fall-through protection systems. LK-DDN is not only suitable for all VELUX Commercial upstand variants but also for products from all other manufacturers regardless of the materials and geometries. In addition, it is very simple to install, secures itself and can be easily adapted to any dome rooflight. Five standardised dimensions are immediately available from stock. This therefore guarantees you not only the highest protection, rather also maximum flexibility for your flat roof.

Combined with the 5-step system process from VELUX Commercial for hazard assessment for your flat roof including load-bearing capacity, assembly, acceptance approval and documentation, you can benefit from a complete safety concept for your flat roof.

Fall-through protection systems for dome rooflights range

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