Comprehensive flap protection for retrofitting continuous rooflights

The LB-DDS dynamic fall-through protection system is ideally suited for retrofitting continuous rooflight flaps. It provides excellent protection against falling through, for example within the framework of maintenance work on SHEV devices and, due to its special design, absorbs fallenergy. This provides the best possible protection for people, even in the event of a fall.

It low weight also makes the LB-DDS ideal for the safety-related technical retrofitting of continuous rooflight flaps. It is tested and certified according to GS-BAU-18 (fall-through safety for construction components) and fulfils compliance with all current standards and regulations for safeguarding workplaces and traffic routes on flat roofs.

  • Low weight
  • Ideal for safety-related technical retrofitting for continuous rooflight flaps
  • Little effect on the daylight yield
  • Special design ensures absorption of the fall energy
  • Tested according to GS-BAU-18 (fall-through safety for construction components)
  • DGUV [German Statutory Accident Insurance] Test Certificate
  • For implementation of valid standards and regulations
    (e.g. DIN 4426:2017-01, ASR (Workplace Regulations) A2.1,
    DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) Provision 38 and DGUV (German Statutory Accident Insurance) Regulation 101-016)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings

Downloads for LB-DDS