BLACK-TOP dome rooflight double-skinned

The darkening dome for flat roofs

The BLACK-TOP is the ideal darkening dome for all properties in which the smoke and/or heat ventilation of a SHEV system via dome rooflights should also be guaranteed in rigid designs, without there by allowing daylight to penetrate into the building.

The black PMMA external skin enables you to do just that, as the darkening dome is almost opaque. It can therefore be certified to DIN 12101-2 with the appropriate SHEV fitting or the meltablesurface can be incorporated for heat extraction in accordance with DIN 18230 and/or DIN 18232-7. For example, this makes it perfect for utilisation in cinemas or print shops – both in new buildings as well in refurbishment projects.

If desired, the darkening dome can also be utilised for daily aeration and ventilation with the right ventilation opener. The BLACK-TOP also has the appropriate fall-through protection to guarantee the highest level of safety. The dome rooflight is already structurally fall-through safe in the rigid version.

  • Double-skinned
  • One glazing variant: black/clear
  • Fixed or ventable
  • Ventilation possibilities: manual, electric, pneumatic
  • Can be utilised as SHEV device with the various FIREJET® opener fitting systems – tested according to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Can be utilised as a staircase SHEV device according to LBO with various 24V electric drive units and SHEV central units
  • Deliverable in nominal dimensions 50 x 100 / 60 x 60 cm up to 200 x 300 cm / 270 x 270 cm
  • U-value = 2.7 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2006/DIN 4108-4
  • Ut = 3.0 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2014 (for horizontal installation)
  • Urc,ref300 = 1.76 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2014
  • Light transmission TL: double-skinned black: 0%
  • Fire Class: E according to EN 13501-1 (normal inflammable)
  • Plastic glazing (PMMA / high-quality UV resistant plastic)
  • Air sound insulation: 20 dB according to EN 1873
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings

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