JET TOP-90 Komfort

TOP-90 comfort dome rooflight

More comfort and energy efficiency for flat roofs

Whether you are looking for energy-efficient daylight for a new building or refurbishment project – the TOP-90 comfort is always the optimum solution. The 4-skinned dome rooflight does notjust provide complete transparency for a high daylight level, it is also very well thermally insulated.

In a rigid or ventable version, it can also be utilised for ventilation or as a SHEV device for effective smoke extraction in the event of a fire. The TOP-90 comfort can therefore be optimally adapted to all individual requirements.

This design scope is also complemented by a wide range of accessories. For example, the TOP-90 comfort can be supplied with the SUPER-TOP and HAILSTOP design structures, and therefore provides maximum safety against hail and vandalism.

  • 4-skinned
  • Two glazing variants: opal/clear/clear/clear or clear/clear/clear/clear
  • Rigid or ventable
  • Ventilation possibilities: manual, electrical, pneumatic
  • Can be utilised as a SHEV device with the various FIREJET® opener fitting systems - tested according to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Utilisable as a staircase SHEV device according to LBO with various 24V electric drive units and SHEV central units
  • Deliverable in nominal dimensions from 60 x 60 cm up to 270 x 270 cm
  • U-value = 1.5 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2006
  • Ut Value = 1.5 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2014
  • Urc,ref300 = 1.21 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2014
  • Light transmission TL: 4-skinned opal: 65% / clear: 75%
  • Fire Class E according to EN 13501-1 (normal inflammable)
  • Air sound insulation: ≥ 22 dB according to EN 1873
  • Plastic glazing(PMMA / high-quality UV resistant plastic)
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings

Accessories for TOP-90 comfort dome rooflight


Fall-Through Protection Systems

SHEV and Ventilation