TOP-90 SOUND dome rooflight double-skinned + LSG 8mm

Sound insulation which protects and provides daylight

It can very quickly get loud inside production facilities. This is why VELUX Commercial has developed the TOP-90 SOUND so that no problems arise when using dome rooflights.

This enables you to comply with the officially prescribed limitation values for sound imissions and, at the same time, reduce sound emissions. This is thanks to the special design and construction with an 8-mm LSG disc inside. In this way, the dome rooflight also fulfils the requirements of the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance).

The TOP-90 SOUND is not only suited for use in new buildings but also in refurbishments. Youalso have the selection of a wide range of accessories, such as sun protection or insect protection.

An upgrade to SHEV (LBO) and for a ventilation system can also be implemented with the corresponding accessories. As such, the dome rooflights can be individually adapted to all your respective project requirements.

  • Double-skinned + VSG 8mm
  • Two glazing variants: opal/clear/clear or clear/clear/opal
  • Fixed or ventable
  • Ventilation possibilities: manual, electric, pneumatic
  • Can be utilised as a staircase SHEV system according to LBO with various 24V electric drive units and SHEV control units
  • Deliverable in nominal dimensions 50 x 100 / 60 x 60 cm up to 180 x 250 cm / 180 x 180 cm
  • U-value = 1.9 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2006
  • Ut = 2.0 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2014 (for horizontal installation)
  • Urc,ref300 = 1.39 W/m2K according to DIN EN 1873:2014
  • Light transmission TL: opal: 44% / clear: 65%
  • Plastic glazing (PMMA / high-quality UV resistant plastic+ PC)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Administration buildings

TOP-90 SOUND dome rooflight double-skinned + LSG 8mm


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